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Re: Polar Bear Suburban

Originally Posted by ERASER5 View Post
So you are down sizing the cam? Was it a drive-ability problem or tuning issues?
Yep, the RayLar cam came out last night. Both actually, but tuning is the main issue causing less than sterling drivability habits. I give up on dealing with anymore local tuners. The rig ran like a rapped ape at WOT but the overall drivability was sucktastic. Major idle flare during shifting, hunting idle, etc. I almost decided to drive it to San Diego for a business trip back in October and have RayLarís tuner fix it up but he was pretty certain to clean it up I would need to convert to an electronic throttle and add VSS. An automatic trans would also make the tuning easier according to several of the tuner guys. I didnít feel like doing any of that and a brand new stock GM 8.1L cam was only $140 from work and I had the tune from the K10 copied in burnt into the Burb. The K10 runs great even in stock form so in theory, the Burb should run exactly like the K10 as they will be identical aside from the burb having headers and the K10 running manifolds.

Rob and I got the engine out yesterday and swapped the cam last night. Just need to pick up some gaskets tomorrow and get engine dropped in tomorrow night. Hope to have it all wrapped up by the time the girls get home from visiting our in-laws in Florida Thursday.

At the end of the day, I think the RayLar 202 cam would be the cats meow for something with an auto trans and electronic throttle. The benefit of the electronic throttle would be to for the tuner to play with the throttle cracker to help with idling instead of running the IAC so aggressively. I donít like electronic throttles in 4x4ís because theyíre too touchy off-road. I will miss the big power the Raylar cam gave it though. It was fun beating down unsuspecting diesel heybro dudes for a while.
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