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Re: Polar Bear Suburban

Originally Posted by DirtyLarry View Post
Yep....Exactly, it will do for now.

The Polar Bear will eventually get the same 14FF infusion as the last Suburban of this era that came through the Big Block Garage. Lift too.

This Sub was a bit rough on the outside but had a fresh marine turbo 6.5L when it left. This one lives in Detroit, MI now where it got fresh paint and other upgrades.

Junk 14 bolt 9.5 semi-floater ready to be returned to the salvage yard for core cost after it was pruned from the black Sub
I hate to bring up old stuff but do you have a thread or any info on this? I want to put a 6.5L Turbo Diesel in my 88 Crew Cab as well as a NV4500 after I finish converting to 4wd.
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