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Re: Where's the 3/4 ton love?

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It's funny to read that I'm not alone. I prefer a 3/4 ton, and a long bed to a short as well. I tell some people and they look at me like I have 2 heads. I love them bone stock as well with skinny tires and wheels. I have to drive a new company car most of my day, so driving something antique feeling on the weekends is a must. I have nothing against modernizing a vintage truck if thats your bag. I do get sick to my stomach when I see a clean original butchered though. I know the hubcaps are incorrect for my 63 but I am having a really tough time finding the correct 61-63 caps. I see that one of the members has a picture of one---I wish he would sell it to me! My truck has 19.5 Kelsey Hayes wheels with 19.5-8 tires. I have a correct set of 17.5's as well but like the tall 19.5's. With tire with combo is aver 38" tall. I also love the look of the split rims--they arent that dangerous unless they are mounted incorrectly. That original paint 62 is beautiful!
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