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Re: Chevrolet Tractors?

Special K, here is the scoop on deutz-allis. I guess I did not have it quite right, Deutz bought Allis before AGCO, I copied this off the web:

"In 1984, Allis-Chalmers was in a difficult position and the company was purchased by Deutz. Deutz rebranded the Allis tractors as Deutz-Allis and began importing Deutz-Fahr tractors under the Deutz-Allis name. The switch to green, from the traditional Allis orange, was a disappointment for loyal Allis-Chalmers farmers.In 1991, the Deutz-Allis company was sold to AGCO, which renamed the brand as AGCO Allis and returned to the orange paint scheme. The AGCO Allis name was dropped by AGCO in 2001."

P.S. I agree, jub's and 8n's are just cool, hard working machines.

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