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Re: suspension upgrades for a '69 c10


The largest Wilwood kit you can go with is a 14", and the other option is a 13", both requiring the CPP drop spindle. The good thing about the CPP modular spindle is it not only lowers your truck 2", but also will tuck the wheel in 3/4" per side when compared to the stock drum spindle. When going to a larger rotor, it will require larger wheels to clear the larger diameter brakes. A 13" brake kit requires at least a 17" wheel, and a 18" wheel for the 14" kit.

For a street driven truck that is a weekend cruiser, the 13" will be plenty in my opinion. It is alwayd a good idea to also get new braided brake lines at the same time while you are at it. For the rear, you could match the same 13" rotor, or go with a 12" which would work well in most applications. To put everything together properly, I would suggest a new master cylinder that is correct for a disc brake setup. A proportioning valve as well.

We do have the Wilwood kits listed on our site, but make sure to contact me for better pricing when ready to purchase. We are a direct Wilwood dealer. Hope this answered your questions and can always contact us if needed.

Link to Wilwood kits on our site:

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