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Re: Best Product for Cracked Steering Wheel Repair

Originally Posted by dmjlambert View Post
OK, perhaps nobody in the history of this forum has permanently repaired their steering wheel yet, or if they have they can't give up the info on exactly what was used. There's a whole bunch of might be able to use this or might be able to use that, and a whole bunch of I used this and I used that. But then rare is the report back on the failure after time, and no reports that I found of success over time along with the product name and part number. So perhaps some of the 2 part plastic fix would be a good thing to try. We can't know whether it actually works. Whatever it is that I try, I'm going to make notes about the product name and part number. I'll try to report back here in this thread in a couple of years.
You might try posting this over in the truck section. It might get more attention? I have read several places around here, that the Truck forums are waaay busier than the Burb ones.
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