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Re: Best Product for Cracked Steering Wheel Repair

I think ours are really similar on the wear part, but I think the one I bought is worse off on the tear part! Big cracks everywhere and huge gaps at the North and South ends and medium gaps at East and West! One that ran in the grove from 8:30 all the way to 12 O'clock high!
I was able to spend a few hours over a few evenings digging out all of the cracks then filling with POR 15 two part epoxy putty... I've heard mix reviews on this stuff, but had some so I thought I'd give it a try. It dried rock hard, but sands out pretty well. I have 2 coats of filler / primer and have not sanded this yet, but hope to one night this week.
Here are some photos of my progress from the beginning to the filler primer. It might take a few posts to get all the photos on since it will only let me upload 5 at a time:
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