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Re: New to me 1972 K5

Originally Posted by mcmlxix View Post
Well its been a while since I updated....

I sold my 06 Tacoma and have been driving the Blazer daily to work. It sucks on gas but oh well, it's fun. All I did was change the fluids.... the engine leaks from the front, back and valve covers... the trans takes forever to get in gear... the original posi and carrier are junk. (no maintenance and lots of abuse)

I have since sold the heated leather seats because they were from an 2003 or newer truck and the wiring was going to be a hassle. I picked up some grey cloth seats and I'll probably put in some aftermarket seat heaters next fall....

I only ever got half the black paint off... the acetone was killing my hands...

The crap mirrors that were on the truck vibrate so bad I can barely see whats behind me. I won't turn in front of anyone but talk about double vision. I test fit a mirror from a Hummer H3. I'll ned to come up with somethign to fill the gap between the door and the bas of the mirror.... here are some pics...

did you literally just wipe the black paint off with acetone??? what about lacquer thinner??? was it a rattle can job... I want to do this to the interior of a 71 swb cab I got...
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