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Re: 67-72 Chevy Truck fuel gauge diagnostics 101

OK so I go after this mutha with a vengeance and tested the new sender with my old gauge and boom she works fine. Drop the empty tank and pull the old unit. Then it hits me-new one does not have a pickup for the fuel! Sumbugger! So I modify the old pickup to use the new sender. Took a pencil torch and soldered it on. Tested and boom still working good. Then it hits me-again this whole apparatus needs to fit thru a small arse hole. Aint happenin the way I have it. So rebend the pickup and float and bend this and that and finally it goes in. I think It works as I put 2.5 gallons from a can in it and the needle moved up. I think It may register full for a couple gallons before it registers any movement but it will tell me when it's empty. Full should be at 30 gallons.
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