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Re: Help Me Pick Some Heads For Christmas Present

Call me crazy if this sounds like a foolish idea:

After figuring in new heads, along with regearing rear end, and new 10" TC to round out the initial build I'll be in it about $2k when all is said and done.

I found a guy down in SoCal with a 2003 5.3L (LM7) w & 4l60e trans complete with ECM, wiring harness, throttle body & and pedal assm. (so basically a complete change over) for $1500

I can get my head around the mechanical stuff like motor mounts and relocating cross members, it's the electronics I haven't a clue about. It seems there's enough resources these days to help bridge the gap so I'm super interested in this route. Dollar for dollar spent, I'm thinking we change heading and roll the dice on the LM7 swap.

I really need to hear from you guys on this one. Thoughts?
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