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Re: Help Me Pick Some Heads For Christmas Present

Ok an update is needed. I decided to put the LS swap on the back burner until I can get up to speed on all of the little details and costs, then draw up a plan. I feel rushed with Christmas almost here and I HATE making rushed decisions.

I executed the original game plan and went with the following:

1. Summit Vortec Heads:
2. Summit Vortec Manifold:
3. Summit Torque Converter:
4. Misc gaskets

Now the question I'm trying to answer at this point is which rockers do I need? I've read up on oem vortec heads requiring self aligning rockers (SARA) for gen I sbc 350 applications and these Summit heads, under the Q&A state they need self aligning rocker arms. But with that said, I've read that some SARA encounter clearance issues with either the retainers and/or the valve covers so I'm confused as to what works. Remember I have the Comp Cam kit ( )

How do I determine what rockers I need for this set up? Standard or narrow, stamped steel or roller tip??

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