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SM465 Issues (PLEASE HELP!!)

Hello Everyone,
Ok so I have a problem I was driving my k5 to work this morning and I came up on some slow moving traffic so when I had an opportunity to pass I downshifted to 3rd and got around the vehicle in a timely manner but when I went to shift back into 4th the shifter was stuck in gear. I was almost to work so I just cruised in 3rd. I've already pulled the shifter and tried lining up the shifter gates with a bar but it is stuck. I also pulled one of the PTO covers off and everything seems to be in place. I also tried removing the cover but I can't get the cover off without putting the tower part way into reverse which won't happen if it's in 3rd At least that I can think of. So to my question, is there any way to remove the shift tower with it jammed in gear? I honestly believe it's something with the shift tower detents.
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