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Re: Polar Bear Suburban

After a slight delay acquiring a new/used RH exhaust manifold I was back in action Wednesday night (I gave up on trying to dig the broken studs out of the old manifold). Last night I got the routing and clipping done and engine fired up. Aside from the dizzy being a tooth off the first time, all went without a hitch. I took it for a test drive today and she runs great! What a difference a new/used clutch, new sensors, tune up, belts, hoses and fixing the intake vacuum and coolant leaks make! Just cleaning up the wiring adds a lot of reliability back to the old girl.

After the shake down run it feels like the clutch needs to be bleed a bit more and I need to do some more work on the throttle cable as the 1” throttle body spacer puts the cable at an angle where it doesn’t like to return to well. Of course, the only aftermarket equipment on the truck is what is causing issues. Typical. Also waiting on a battery cable.

Tuesday night. Just about ready to go back in.

On the hook ready for stabbing. The clutch is a used Centerforce Dual Friction from my K10. When I did the NV4500 swap in the K10 last year it got a fresh clutch. This Suburban is the low buck build so it gets as many hand me downs from the K10 as possible.


One new item the Sub got was a new HD Denso starter motor. These are awesome and will be the last starter motor you will ever buy. I run this same exact part number starter on the 8.1L in the K10. These are the starter motors severe duty applications like UPS trucks use. It spins the engine fast and sounds cool while doing it. Never mind the green stuff on the battery cable. A new cable is on order through Napa.

Now that his portion is out of the way the next step is to get it to the exhaust shop to have the tailpipes redone as the current pipes will interfere with the rear ORD shackle flip coming shortly. 4” lift up next!
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