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Question Re: 67-72 Suburban OE seats

Originally Posted by vectorit View Post
I don't recall the exact measurement of what I call the "short bench", but like my burb I have a short bench as a second row. This same bench fits just fine as a 3rd bench between the wheel wells, and could be converted to a 3rd bench if I set it up with 3rd bench brackets.

So what you may have here is just a 2nd row short bench. GM offered full length and short benches for the second row.
Yeah I have the full length in there now and my last one had the short that measured 48". Also everything I find on the second and third row says they are 48". I'm just wondering why this is so much shorter does anyone have a second row that is 43.5" longThe brackets tell me that it's 2nd row. Not to sound like a broken record but it's shorter than the short. Did another manufacturer use a similar setup. I'm a wacko I like stuff as it came from the factory and for that specific vehicle.
Thanx, Brian
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