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Re: 454 in a 63' GMC SWB

I have a couple of BBC's in my 65 and 66. Someone mentioned poor handling- if you don't like the handling after install, put some new springs on the front end. Made all the difference in the world for mine- I guess 40 years does a number on them. As for the TH400 you have out of a motor home- check to see if it has a companion flange or if it has a slip yoke. The one I got out of a motor home had a companion flange that required a slip yoke on the drive shaft. Not normally done with a single piece drive shaft, so you will either have to use a 2 piece drive shaft or have the trans reworked to add a tail housing and output shaft for a slip yoke.

I like my BBC's. They work well and are simpler. The LS has the advantage of being newer tech and more efficient, but when it breaks it is a little more complicated to fix.
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