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Re: Post pics. Lets see how many 60-66 4x4 are out there.

Originally Posted by 66Gilbert View Post
Hey Rust, glad to see that you are still on here. Have you made any progress on your truck? What year is it and what are your plans for paint? Are you keeping the original drive train or planning any mods or just stock? I like to keep mine pretty much stock other than a set of tires and wheels. Keep posted as there are not many 60-66 4x4 owners on this forum.

Here are some more.
I'm with ya, lots of slammies in here. It started as a 65 GMC, has a 66 Chevy cab/nose with a stepside bed hence the mongrel. Stock GMC V6 and suspension will stay. Thinkin about putting a big rear window in, and I CANT figure out a color. I like that dark blue in your last post. It seems like it's taking me forever to finish. Hopefully by fall. Heres a pic of what it started as.
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