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Re: Post pics. Lets see how many 60-66 4x4 are out there.

Originally Posted by special-K View Post
Gilbert,the big rodeo in Gerome is coming up,right?It must be crazy by now.It was way back when I was there.Whiskey Row was a mob scene.
Post #96:nice 1t conversion and the deep blue Stepside is beautiful.
You taking good care of the red truck?
special-K, yes the big rodeo is coming up on the 4TH of July weekend but it is over the hill in Prescott and not in Jerome. They claim it is the worlds oldest rodeo and yes it is a mad house in all of Prescott. Whiskey row continues to be the hot spot over there with drunks, fights and hot women. The red truck has an easy life now,and is only driven on weekends. I guess you don't have any more pics hidden up your sleeves or you would have posted them. Keep watching, there's more 4X4's to come.

Rust, It looks like you have done a lot of work. Did a tree fall on that hood? I take it that the GMC cab was in bad shape. That is to bad because it was a big back window cab. I also prefer big window over the small window cabs. It does seem like it takes forever to finish projects. My 1965 in the first post of this thread has been on and off for the last 4 years. Its hard to find time with work and having other running 64-66 trucks. I hope to see yours completed as planned. Keep posted.

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