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Re: Project 70 Yellow Turd

OK, so the RT side rusty metal is all replaced. Waiting to finish the finish work on the RT quarter panel until I figure out what I am doing with the rear wood floor. The floor adds the stability to the rear quarters so if I complete the finish work on the quarter & then add the floor, I will have a wavy quarter panel. Amazing how flimsy the quarter panels are without the floor. Rear of vehicle is on hold until my new round tail lights arrrive. Fuel door is out of an S10 pickup. That was a nice upgrade. Firewall is completely smoothed over & all the holes have been patched. We are now on to the LT side rockers & floor. The new rockers from were pretty bad on the LT side. I wasnt too pleased with the bottom of the rocker being in a bowed shape. Had to completely remake it. Thats pretty much it for now.
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