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Re: Front Motor Mount

You pretty well have to use the carriage bolts.

Per these shots jacked from Ebay. Creds and thanks to Ebay seller Classychevuysa.

Top should show the exploded view. The rubber sits in the bottom piece with the flat plate on top of it.
Two of the carriage bolts in the outside holes fasten it to the frame.

the "cover" plate goes on and you drop the two other carriage bolts though the holes in the plate at the front of the motor and through the mount and the flat washers and nuts go on from the bottom.

Some times it is easier to drop the outside "hold mount to crossmember" bolts though the mount, put the cover over them and bolt the mount to the plate on the engine and set the engine in the truck with mount attached. Then you just have to put the nuts and washers on the two bolts that hold the mount to the frame and done.
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