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Re: Help with roof repair

Originally Posted by STOCKISH View Post
Hey guys! I am currently building a 86 GMC crew cab. However the roof had something sitting on it at some point and there is a dip in the roof. It’s not “horrible” but it’s way more than I’d like to be there. And more than it looks like in the pics. I have removed the I side trim and removed the headliner to access. But there is an inner panel there as well. I’d like not to cut that panel out to access the outer skin, what are my options here? Thanks for any help guys.
Here are 3 pics of the work I had to have done after I had the cab stripped and found out that someone had bashed the roof in, then filled it with body filler. I think I know who the sob was that did it but that is another story. The roof was pulled successfully, with minimal filler for final finish.
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