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Re: '60 GMC 4x4 Long Fenderside

Well, the big "D" is coming to my house. The back story about the final straw is on BlondieK's build in my signature. Should be right about at the end.

I may need to get this beast up and running. I only have a motorcycle for personal transportation right now, and that is difficult to haul 2 kids on. Thankfully, my boss said I can use my company truck if I HAVE to, but would prefer that i didn't if at all possible.

I am hoping someone has some kind of checklist I should go through to try to get her back on the road, and legal. I know some of you have revived trucks that most people would have left for dead.

My GMC has the 305A V6 in it. It hasn't run in about 9 years. I don't even know where to start with that. My mom's boyfriend is a mechanic, and he offered to help. I need to see if the old pig will even turn over still. I know it needs brakes, and tires, and the floor "air conditioning" is so bad, I could probably Flinstone it to get it started. I have a bed for it, but need to get it on there. etc. Looks don't matter at all, just need something rolling, and street legal.

Need to change out the gear oil in the diff's, transfer case, and the tranny.

ANY other suggestions, or words of wisdom? from anyone??

1960 GMC 4x4 Babe (the Blue Ox) - Build Thread

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