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Re: '60 GMC 4x4 Long Fenderside

Hello everyone! I need to see if anyone can give me the dimensions shown on this picture of my truck. It is still at the soon to be ex's house, and I cannot go there currently. I need to see if it will fit in my new garage. The frame appears to be cut off just after the spring mounts. Not sure what happened there. I know the back of the bed was floating when I took it off, so at some point someone chopped it off.

My rental house is a newer house, in a decent neighborhood, so I cannot have anything in the driveway that does not run, so I need to see if it will fit, before I hire a tow truck to "steal" my truck back.

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1960 GMC 4x4 Babe (the Blue Ox) - Build Thread

1965 Chevy C-10 Sleeping Beauty (My Son's Truck)
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