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Re: '60 GMC 4x4 Long Fenderside

Thank you Captainfab! Using Mark's measurement last night, I scaled off that picture I had, and came up with an approximate number of 79", so between that and your number, I should be good!

Now...let the conniving begin. I need to get the truck towed, but not get anyone in trouble for it. It is my truck, and has been mine prior to marriage, it is only titled in my name. We are not divorced yet, so "technically" I can just walk into the house and take whatever I want. She threatened last time I went there for some of my things to report that I was stalking her, and get a restraining order on me, so my lawyer said to not be there at all, so that limits getting my stuff!! AAARRRGGHHH!! Oh well, things will work out!

Bradley, would, or wouldn't put the western hauler style bed on? Just curious.

This bed is similar to the on on the Dodge, but the side skirts are shorter, and do not have toolboxes in them (that I remember), and the sloped sides are hinged (I think). I haven't looked at it up close, just from the window in my office, and driving by it a few times. I have my camera again, so hopefully he is working today. I would just use my cell phone camera, but it takes crappy pictures!!
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