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Re: 4L80E & TH400 Tech.

So I have a th400 in my 70' c10 and I have the engine out for rebuild, and I want to do a couple things to the transmission before it all goes together. The truck is driven for fun, and should be around 400hp when I'm done with a 2600rpm stall ) gonna be fun. I got a new adjustable modulator, a new filter, and a stall converter for the trans. I also got a deeper pan and autometer temp gauge.

I want to make the 1-2 shift as hard as possible (love it when the tires chirp and screach when it hits 2nd) and I'm wondering how to accomplish this without a shift kit. It would bark 2nd now and then before the tear down, but I want it to be consistent and much more firm.

I'm keeping the old fluid for the re-installation, and topping off with new if need be

Thanks guys
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