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Re: Back to the Basics: Re-Sealing a leaky power steering box

So, that's it. You've fixed your leaking pitman shaft seal and input shaft seal.

You spent about 15 bucks for the two seal kits.

And, you did some interesting mechanic work.

Don't be distracted by my tools I used. You can easily use a punch and small hammer to screw/unscrew instead of a pin spanner. I'm just a tool whore and spend way too much time in the SnapOn catalogs geeking out on specialty tools. If you wanted to buy your own pin spanner, Williams tools, SnapOn's industrial division sells them. Mine was 25 dollars delivered off eBay. Snap ring pliers are also easy to get. You might spend 15 bucks for a pair of top of the line ones off eBay. A pitman arm puller is 30-40 bucks from any parts store. You need one whether you reseal your box or swap in a rebuilt box anyway.

Look at it this way, you could buy all of the specialty tools from SnapOn or whatever premium tool company you prefer, and still come out cheaper than buying a parts store steering box. And you're left with bad ass tools to keep forever. And you learned something.
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