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I am selling a '81 2wd Blazer that is in primer. I haven't gotten much feed back so I might sell my '82 that is a driver instead and sit on the '81.
The swap from 4x4 to 2wd has been covered pretty good on this board but you may have to dig a little to find the info.
How about a close up of the headlight to see what was involved with the trimming?
Originally Posted by blazekraze
They are. They came off a 87-89 Celebrity and after a little trimming on the bezels, viola!

Aren't you the one selling the 82 2wd grey in color? I'm looking for a 2wd resto project for when my son grows up (8-10 years). Wish you were closer so I could come by and check it out. I cant seem to find one here local and I was thinking of getting a 4x (plentyful here) and swapping in a 2wd suspension and rear axle, not sure yet tho'..
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