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Re: How about some pics of bagged 47-59

Thanks for the complements Wvgearhead and nacho55. nacho the gas door is from a 90's Mopar mini van. When I cut it out I cut about 6 inches larger than the door opening was.Get as much or all of the door release cable as you you can and the filler neck. I hooked my release cable to a door actuator. Drill out the spot welds that hold the inner pocket to the outer 1/4 panel. Trim 1/4 panel piece down to about 1 inch around gas door opening. Step flange the edge and cut a hole in box that it will fit tightly into where it will work best.Position inner pocket on little ears that were left on 1/4 panel after pocket was removed and weld it back on.Prime all pieces as you put it all back together and seam seal bucket to box side. A Hagan gas cap will work on these filler necks.
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