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Re: Th350 done for???

I know it leaks from the detent cable seal. And I know it also leaks from the 1-2 accumulator cover.
I dont know if the trans is actually slipping as I've never been in a vehicle that had that problem. I do remember when I rebuilt the motor and put everything back together the truck didnt want to move under it's own power. I thought I had enough fluid in the trans, turned out I was almost a gallon low. But I filled it to the proper level and it ran fine. This was back in 2014.
There is a puddle of fluid under the transmission every day I walk out to the truck. When I park the truck on an incline with the nose uphill there isnt a single drop on the ground below the trans. If I park on an incline facing down hill it takes a while but there will be a small amount of fluid under the trans.
I just recently replaced the rubber 90 vacuum elbow that connects the transmission hard line to the vacuum modulator. And I know what it drives and sounds like if it were to fall off. It doesn't want to upshift. What I'm experiencing is not that. But heck I'll get another vacuum modulator and give that a shot. I would be much happier with a $13 repair vs. Having to rebuild it.
Thanks for the suggestion.
I do remember reading that the aftermarket adjustable modulators from some of the chain stores can be a crap shoot. And I think the modulator with a single red band that B&M makes is the preferred modulator to have.
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