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Re: Anyone have an opinion on Jet Performance carbs?

Cant comment on "Jet" but will say without reservation I am VERY happy with my SMI Quad I would highly recommend Sean Murphy Inductions plus he a little guy that can use our support. Give him a call 714-843-9169, There is much to consider when setting up a Q-jet and Sean knows how! I bought a "rebuilt" ebay carb from a board member for my DD 68 350-400 pick-up when I received it I immediately knew it was not rebuilt replated and pretty yes but definitely not rebuilt, so I called SMI talked to them sent it to them about two weeks later my carb showed up took it out of the box installed it the ONLY adjustment I had to do was the idle speed its been on for about nine months or more and NO problems! Do what you want but the carb for the 500 Cad will be from SMI. Oh and I will also say my fuel mileage is as good as I could ever hope for, dont really keep track cus it costs what it costs but its the best its ever been!I have including the purchase price and the SMI rebuild/recalibration around $300+ invested and am more than satisfied!
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