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Re: Anyone have an opinion on Jet Performance carbs?

I didn't read through ever post so this might have been covered but you have to be careful with these "super tuned" carbs. If you have any carb that has really been "worked" for a specific setup, it might work worse than those generic tuned carbs. It's funny to see all the Pro Systems, Biggs, JDR....etc carbs out there on ebay that people pay a ton for just because of the sticker on the top of the fuel bowl. They have no idea what the carb was setup to do. They pay a TON of money for it and wonder why it runs like crap on their motor. Most people can't tell the difference between a blow thru or supercharger carb from a standard one.

LOL.......I think I started rambling and got off track somehow. What was the question??? LMAO

Bottom line is that it's really hard to nail down a carb tune without some kind of an O2 sensor and data recorder. Even a dyno won't give you an accurate sim like being on the road.

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