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Re: Anyone have an opinion on Jet Performance carbs?

I haven't read the thread, so I don't know what's been posted above.

My experience with a Jet~
I called the tech people at Jet and told them what I wanted-- a bone stocker for a '72/350/automatic, with an electric choke. They recommended the part number and I bought it.

Bolted it on and the truck popped right off, but ran pig rich (blew black smoke out the tailpipe. Made a big, black soot stain on the garage wall) and had an off-idle stumble.

I tore it down for a look. When the description says "recalibrated" what they're doing is plugging the air bleeds, fattening up the jets, and a few other mods. It's no wonder it didn't run right. The pièce de résistance was the air horn. The blade that the accelerator pump pivots on had been broken off, JB welded back on, then alodined. It fell off the first time I pushed the pivot pin out to take it apart.

Wasn't toooo impressed with the Jet.

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