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Re: Anyone have an opinion on Jet Performance carbs?

Originally Posted by Jim_PA View Post
Sean Murphy also sells generic carbs. Not only that, but you'll get whatever POS core he has available.

And yes, everything about an entry-level performance carb is generic. How many people play with air bleeds and idle restrictions?

Maybe you should re-read what I said, because you clearly don't get it.
Hi Jim. when did you visit my shop to see what I have available? you suggest that possibly a CCC Q-jet could be converted to use a vacuum operated power piston. The lack of the vacuum tower in the float bowl might be a serious hurdle to overcome...But who needs a system that constantly reacts to changes in MAP when you have fixed air bleeds, right?
Perhaps you might enlighten us all to purpose of the air bleed and how it effects carburetor function. being the air bleed master and all....
What was the name of your Company again?
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