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Hood won't "fit"!!!!

Just got my 74 K5 Blazer back on the road after a years resto. Last thing I did was put on the hood. It fit OK before I did body work and paint but now I can't get the rear to lay down far enough. The front is fine. I've dropped the hinges as far as they'll go and even took them off and hogged the adjusting holes out for more drop. Still won't lay down. I think the hinges are OK-they seem nice and tight. Has anyone ever used the Billet hinges? Would that help me out??
The rest of the truck came out awesome-I need the hood to fit and am at a standstill-HELP
PS-I used fenders off a 79 but I believe they're identical to 74?
PSS-I'll add some pictures later today of my problem
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