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Re: 4L80E & TH400 Tech.

Originally Posted by kell490 View Post
Would it be okay to run the heavy duty return springs with 5 clutch disk setup and all the modifications you describe in this thread? No reason for me to use anything from the transgo 400-pro kit I bought Ill just return it to summit. Thanks for posting the pictures some good information there.
Yes, You can use High Rate Return Springs no matter the Clutch count.

I'm not a big fan of the Trans Go 400-Pro anyway......Mostly because the Multi Layer Separator Plate. That's how they Dual Feed the Directs without trans tear down. The Overkill Pressure Regulator Spring bumps pressure too much at Idle/No load. If you need to downshift into 1st at high speeds....I can walk you through that modification.
But you will need to purchase the Return Springs, Boost Valve, & Intermediate Snap Ring separately.

Return Springs

Boost Valve

Spirolock Intermediate Snap-Ring

If the budget allows, A Billet Direct Piston would be a nice addition & You can spec it out the way YOU want!
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