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Re: 72 402 Green Machine

Originally Posted by richard2717 View Post
Looks nice. I am normally a fan of stock seats but those look nice in the rendering. I know that Exxon, I think. IS that on Rt.2?

The Exxon is on Rt.2, and so is the Safeway pump shot. I'm right around the corner. As far as the seats... here is my delima.

I want a 3rd row seat. My stock bench seats need new covers, and probably new foam. They are highlander seats. So if I'd stay factory I'd be looking at recovering Front seat, buying a 2nd short width middle bench and rear bench. And covering those 2. To do it right, that would be minimum $2k. Or I could get 2 stock black leather escalade seats, and 3rd row, and have the highlander plaid inserts to give it old/new school look and then I'd be able to fold the seats flat, have the child safety latches for (3) kids seats!, and be able to recline while still having the bench look. I'd probably be atleast into that $1500, so it would be slightly less, but have way more functionality.... decisions decisions... thoughts?
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