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Re: 1984 Jimmy 2wd conversion

No question you are doing a first rate job and will end up with a great truck when you are done.

Only thing I see that might give you grief is the pipe you welded between the frame rails up front.

Had a customer whose truck had a similar brace welded on to it.

The ends of the frame flex more than people realize.
When welded rigid any road flex from the right rail gets transmitted directly to the drivers side rail.

Being where the steering box is mounted this little bit of flexing at highway speed after hitting a bump had enough effect that it was hard to keep the truck in its own lane.
Bolting in a brace all will work fine but when welded there is no place for anything to give and the pipe will twist itself into a torsion bar over time.

When I torched the one off his truck it sounded like a gun going off, the pipe on the end I cut first sprung almost 2 inches.
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