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The Mysterious "L" wire CS 130 Alternator

I have a GM serpentine system for my small block in a 64 C10. I switched over to a later alternator and got rid of the external voltage regulator. Now I need to wire the new CS 130 that comes with the serpentine kit. It says to run the "L" wire to the idiot light. No idiot light, just gauges. So how do excite the alternator if I have nothing to attach the "L" wire to? I have looked everywhere on the internet and they suggest attaching a resistor and/or run the wire to a light. Is it that simple? How would you wire this light in series?

I hate all things electrical and just need a diagram showing how to do this.

If I run the "L" wire to a light do I just ground the light? Does the "L" wire provide positive electrical feed? Will the light always stay on if the alternator is charging? I could live with a light in the dash if it goes out once the alternator is charging.
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