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Re: Pretty decent looking 1977 Blazer Chalet-denver craigslist

Originally Posted by Peanutbutter View Post
Am I the only one thats really using one, most people have these RVs that are not 4x4s, they are to big to really have a good time. Never owned a blazer before, this thing will turn on a dime, put 3100 miles on ours and never had a more fun trip, the wife keeps poking me in the ribs to get started on the 4bt and NV 4500 repower so we can use it more often. As far as room if we just pull over to spend the night we don't even raise the top, stay warmer that way and if its to hot then raise the top. The big plus with the Chalet is if you have someone giving you trouble in the middle of the night within secounds you can be behind the wheel and leaving. Even when you are heavily armed its better to drive away. Try that with a regular popup camper where you are trapped in the back and can't drive away.
I just put about 600 miles on mine from southern AZ to northern and back down. Id like to add helper bags since mine was not originally a chalet blazer its a little soft in the rear end. It is now cooling down here in AZ so I can finish the inside, right now its gutted and I have just been sleeping on the floor
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