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1977 Luv. Ls is the plan

So Im going to copy and paste my build thread from luvtruck to here. I love looking at builds on here and figured I would share. I notice theres not many luvs on here. Well enjoy

New to the site, not new to oldschool minis. lol First vehicle i ever bought was a 1977 toyota hilux, ended up selling it. right out of highschool got me a 1977 datsun 620 and built which some of you may recognize from minitruckin mag. and now after keeping an eye out i found me a 1977 luv. picked her up today. pics coming soon. shes a carbed 4.3 out of a s10 with a 5 speed and s10 rearend, disk brakes all the way around. wheels are horrible and have to go. i wanna get some steelies on it, squat it, and make a nice daily driver out of it. :ebiggrin
yeah buddy
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