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Re: How To: Deluxe Heater Control Lever Replacement

Originally Posted by chevyrestoguy View Post
Outstanding write-up! I like the pictures and the attention to detail. This really needs to be included in Woogeroo's How-To thread. Maybe you could shoot him a PM? I think that he would be glad to include it. If you haven't checked out that thread, you need to check it out. It's awesome!
Thanks chevyrestoguy! I appreciate the kind words! I will shoot Woogeroo a PM.

Originally Posted by chevy_mike View Post
Outstanding tutorial. I will be referencing this when I rebuild mine.

Since this was very good, I have added it to the FAQ for the 60-66 area. Thanks!!!
Thanks chevy_mike! I have taken more than my fair share of info from this site so it is nice to contribute a little!
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