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Re: Low Buck Build Threads Help or LBBTH

Originally Posted by rusty76 View Post
Something else I'm learning is that to some a thousand dollars is giant and to some it's just a drop in the ocean.
Old post but very well put. Probably the biggest thing that some of the guys on here are guilty of is assuming that anyone asking a question about something has an unlimited budget.

For some of us a Scott's front end setup, Porterbuilt dropmember or Currie rear axle assembly just takes this months build funds or is a couple of payments on the card while for others the same piece is equal in cost to the total annual build budget or some guys total build budget. Still spending a bit more on quality items in some places on the build and saving money by going conservative in other areas can still come with a build that is well within budget that can be added to later when funds become available.

Spend the money on the critical pieces like the front and rear suspension and brakes and wait until later for the trick pulleys on the engine or the trick valve covers or other bling that can be bolted on in a short period of time. That set of steelies and good tires or that set of custom wheels you picked up at the newly divorced gal's yard sale across town for pennies on the dollar will work fine until you save for the rims you really want.
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