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Re: Body Stamping Historian

Originally Posted by Keith Seymore View Post
Welcome, and very nice photos.

I mentioned on the other thread (before I saw this one) that I have been working for GM truck in design and vehicle assembly since 1979. My dad started with GM in 1955 and worked for 35 years as a die maker (Chevrolet Flint Manufacturing) and in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (Chevy Central Office).

I'll probably have quite a few questions for you

My vote would be for you to start loading as much as you can into this thread, and then if the conversation starts to go off in one direction or another we could start appropriate separate threads as need be.

Again - welcome and thank you for your good work all those years.

My Dad started at Chevrolet Commercial Body Co. in Indianapolis in 1959 as did my uncle.

I am very familiar with the Die Making trade in a large stamping plant. In Indianapolis it was the highest paid UAW skilled trade. Those Die Makers really impressed me with their skills and hard work.

Pertaining to Chevrolet at Flint. Our plant in Indianapolis for many years stamped all of the Pick-up Truck Body Parts and some other parts for a long time. I was told that probably sometime in the latter 1950's or but perhaps in 1955 the stamping of the hood and two front fenders was moved to Flint MI, and we made all of the rest.

For the sake of this discussion do you know or can you find out if and when the hood and two front fenders were moved to Flint from Indianapolis, if this in fact is what happened. I do know that they were moved. The party which told me this hired in back in 1947 but he could not remember the exact year.

Looking forward to your reply.
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