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Re: Body Stamping Historian

Originally Posted by Keith Seymore View Post
Thank you for sharing; 52 years old.... that's ...uh... pretty young to be retired.

Well not I have said before...I'm not a genius. HOWEVER, if I had it to do over again I would have left when I was 49. I had 30 years accredited service when I was 49 years old. Make no mistake... retirement is the biggest decision one may make in their lifetime. Where I worked the door only swung one way. Hence you better have your mind made up and $ducks$ lined up. No regrets here, since retiring I have not hit a lick,nor been bored a second... just living the dream. Also... a man can only stuff so much money In that old mattress. HAW!

We had one Millwright work 59 years and he was a model employee. When he told me he was leaving I said, "Don, why don't you stay another year and make it an even 60 years." He replied, "Oh no Randy... that is just entirely to long to be working."

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