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Re: Sarge's rattle-can rebuild

Given the paint status, I didn't have a problem using a sharpie to make a few reference marks on the doors to mark the position of the hinges, so it wasn't hard to get them back on. Cutting the pins out took more time than anything. I'd previously tried to powder coat the new strikers but couldn't get it to stick. So I gave them a shot of black just so I wouldn't have to watch them turn brown. So with new hinge pins/bushings and strikers/bushings, wow. The doors shut normally. I won't put that job off ever again. So with more time left than I expected, I gutted the doors. Well, not entirely - I left the latches and interior door handles in so you could still use them. But the exterior handles, locks, mirrors, vents, and door glass came off or out. Purty strikers posing provocatively.
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