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Re: Sarge's rattle-can rebuild

At this point, the doors are mostly hollow but they shut good, and my sons were itching to get the motorcycles out. So we hooked up the trailer and headed out. No windows needed for this trip. We made it about 10 or 12 miles from the house when the engine just nosed over and slowly died. I keep a AAA membership, so they took it home for me on a roll back and wifey came and got me and the boys and the MX trailer. I wasn't kidding about not knowing anything about diesels. I'd heard there were lift pumps and injection pumps in there somewhere but I didn't know one from the other. There's a hard core group of 6.2 guys at, they walked me through proper diagnosis and repair. Bad injection pump. These are not cheap and there's some labor there that's pretty intimidating at first. But I had all the online help you could ask for, so I gave it a shot. Out with the bad pump, swap the lines over, get the new assembly in. More to it than that, but nobody was more surprised than me when it busted right off and settled down into pleasant diesel clatter.
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