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Re: Sarge's rattle-can rebuild

In this pic, the "hoop" is still attached to the "backbone", but I ended up drilling out those rivets and separating them so I could get easier access to the channels in the frames and make it easier to get the new seal in. All I've done here is clean it all up, sandblast, prime, paint to get everything ready for reassembly. One thing I must mention, there's a $3 rivet setting tool several of the suppliers carry that you can purchase when you buy vent window rivets from them. I couldn't make that work. After a bunch of digging, I found this C-clamp that comes with different rivet setting heads, I think it was lolife99/Keith that linked it somewhere. There's a corvette parts supplier that sells them for $79 I think. Maybe it was a few dollars more, but for me it was the ticket to being able to finish this and it turn out well.
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