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Re: Sarge's rattle-can rebuild

Originally Posted by Willowrun View Post
Do you have any details to share on the spin on filter conversion you did? My friend's M1009 has been getting worse with starting since I sold it to him. Plan is to get his and my injector pumps rebuilt this summer, but I think it would be a good time to get rid of the poor original design. I guess I could go look on Steel Soldiers....
It's a Napa 4309 fuel filter base and Napa Gold fuel filter #3123. I did have to buy some brass fittings at home depot to adapt the base to the fuel lines, but this is a simple fix for when the stock filter base starts leaking. One tip I can pass along that will help when you replace the filter or replace the injection pump - when you get done, pull the glow plugs. You can spin the motor over a few times with them out, it's a quick way to prime the fuel system. Plus as a bonus, you can bench test the glow plugs individually before you prime the system. All I did was hook them up to my battery jumper box and make sure they fired up. When you put them back in it'll bust off much faster without all the wear and tear on the starter.

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