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Re: Sarge's rattle-can rebuild

Originally Posted by 48cj2a View Post
Looking good and learning more and more as you work on it.

I'm working on one for my Base Commanders Friend. Did a thread on Steel Soldiers, check it out on some stuff I had to do for the firewall Resistor Pack by pass and a manual GP push button:

I'm about to do the filter conversion on it next but I'm going to use the WIX 24770 mount with twin in and out ports so I can incorporate a petcock for air bleeding.

Also going to do 90s on the fittings for this one.
I saw where you were working through that issue on SS. So it ended up being the glow plug card? I replaced mine earlier this year with one from Hillbilly Wizard. I've read a lot of threads about manual glow plug control, but it's just not necessary down here in AL. Our winters are so mild the factory WAIT cycle is plenty. Have you thought about removing the mechanical lift pump and replacing it with an electric one from a 6.5? It's on my list for now just for the priming help.

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