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Re: Sarge's rattle-can rebuild

Originally Posted by 48cj2a View Post
Can you post a before and after pic of the rivet completion?
I'll get an "after" pic tomorrow of the "pivot rivet". It looks factory to me, worth the money spent on the tool.

Originally Posted by 48cj2a View Post
This one is not mine, but if it happens on mine I will do it for sure. I do not know 100% it was the card but it is not applying the ground to the LtBlue wire on the GP Solenoid and there is not anything else left in the circuit so its probable.

Once I did get it started its was making quite a racket in the flywheel area when starting like bad or missing teeth on the fly or the starter is not shimmed correctly.

Today I drove it to work and stopped to get a haircut on the way home. Would not restart and only sounds like bendix spinning and not engaging...had to have it towed 1/2 mile home...uuugh

I have to pull the flywheel cover tomorrow after work and have a look see.

I learned a lot troubleshooting this one and getting inspired to get back into mine.
When mine did that it was due to a broken starter bolt. Turned out the factory starter nose cone support bracket was missing. Hope you didn't lose any teeth on the flex plate.

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