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Re: Sarge's rattle-can rebuild

It was my son's idea to paint the door handles and mirrors black, but he was adamant about flat black. I knew flat black would look more correct than satin but I was worried about how easy it scratches. After stewing on it a little, I found that Rustoleum makes a matte clear so we decided to use that over the flat black. The tailgate did not have a lock cylinder in the crank when I bought it, so I bought one and took it to the locksmith with my locks and had them rekeyed to match. We cleaned up the door handles parts and got them painted and reassembled. I mentioned earlier that one of my mirrors was beat and dented. I bought a used white mirror from a member here, and I think it was willowrun, my apologies if I'm remembering wrong. But I took all three mirrors apart including busting the glass out to start from scratch. I used the best parts of the three to make two. Everything was blasted and painted separately then put back together. Around this time I dropped my phone outside and didn't realize it until my son brought it to me later that day busted and done. So I don't have any pics of the mirror parts being done. But they went through the same thing the vents and door handles did. I tried to clean up the window regulators but each side had one plastic wheel that just wouldn't free up no matter what I did. So I ended up getting new AC Delco replacements from RockAuto.
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